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Exmouth Spear Fishing

Spearfishing Exmouth Gulf

Exmouth presents many opportunities for spearfisherman. The Murion Islands north east of Exmouth present good hunting grounds with depths around the 10m mark.  There are also many islands across Exmouth Gulf with surrounding Bombies that offer good ground for spearfishing in Exmouth.  The lack of spearing restrictions in the Gulf enable you to target prized table fish such as Coral Trout & Blue Bone .  When the cray season is on, there are no shortage of painted & green crayfish to catch, with the occassional red cray if you are lucky.  The bottom of Exmouth Gulf can have pretty poor visability, but on the plus side also offers pretty but big trout and Blue Bone in 2m water.  Visability conditions can change in a matter of days from no visabilty to crystal clear .  Strong easterlies and big tides are sure elements to dirty up the waters for spear fishing in Exmouth Gulf.

Spearfishing Tantabiddi/ West Side

Whilst there is no shortage of grounds and fish to spear on the West Coast side of Exmouth, restrictions from the Dept of Fisheries will reduce your range of catch. Therefore in addition to crayfish, mackerel, tuna and other pelagics are the options for spearfishing the Ningaloo Coast.  Please refer below link for more details.

We can provide you with full or 1/2 day spearfishing charters.  Give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.  Let us take you out on the first day, show you the grounds and then you have the option of hiring a boat yourself and explore this amazing region.  An affordable and fun way to explore Ningaloo Reef at your leisure


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