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Game Fishing Charters: Black & Blue Marlin Fishing Charters

Snorkelling Tours

Dive with Turtles, Manta Rays & Numerous Reef Fish

Whale Watching Tours

Reef Fishing & Spear Fishing Charters

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Exmouth Game Fishing Charters

Game Fishing Charters

With access to  Blue Marlin & Black Marlin less than 5 miles off the coast & off Exmouth Gulf we can take you on  Exclusive & Group Marlin & Sports Fishing Charters
Exmouth Game Fishing Charters

Reef Fishing Charters: Take Home Your Catch

We have fished this area longer than any other operator & our success rate is 2nd to none. Come & fish with us & our highly experienced skippers
Exmouth Game Fishing Charters

Spear Fishing Charters

We know the best spots & Bombies to take you spear fishing
Exmouth Game Fishing Charters

Snorkelling & Diving Tours

Explore the wonders of Ningaloo Reef on our custom & group snorkelling & diving tours.  Mantas, turtles, abundance of reef fish & coral species are common place
Exmouth Game Fishing Charters

Whale Watching

Come watch the Humpback Whales & their calves on their annual migration between June-Oct. Let Exmouth Fishing Charters show you how these very inquisitive creatures will put on a spectacular show for you & your family.  You can access them less than 15 mins from the boat ramp
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Boat Hire & Car Hire

If you wish to save some money & DIY we offer boat hire & car hire.  With over 13 boats ranging in sizes up to 8m and 4wd vehicles for, we can make sure you are getting around in Exmouth both on & off the water.

Car Hire frm $500/week

Expert knowledge of Ningaloo Reef

       We have lived, fished, dived & explored Exmouth’s Ningaloo Reef longer than any other operator.  With our extensive knowledge of Exmouth Gulf, & Ningaloo Reef, we can show you all the that Ningaloo Reef has to offer affordably & safely.

We offer you the option of exclusive fishing charters, so you can target what species you want & when: Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish), Mackerel, Tuna, Reef Fishing so you can take home your catch: Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Blue Bone, Snapper…..the list goes on!

If an exclusive charter is out of your price range then why don’t you jump on a 1/2 day or full day charter with with a group from as low as $250.

What if you want to do alittle bit of everything?

       We can take you out for the day, and you can mix it up with a combination of fishing, snorkelling, watch: Whales, Mantarays, Turtles and Island hopping along the numerous isolated islands in Exmouth Gulf: Murion Islands, Roberts Island, Why and Eva Islands and many more.

This option is an gives you affordable way to explore this amazing coastline and share it with family and friends. This way you are not confined to a timetable of a larger group charter.

Boat Specifications

  • Solid 8m Plate Aluminium Island Cabin
  • Twin 115 Hp 4 Stroke Yamaha Motors
  • High Gunwhale & Extra Shade for wind, sun & swell protection
  • Can be hired out
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